What is Gratitude Month?

An annual fundraising event organised by the Region Ten Finance and Fundraising Committee.  To be held in August each year; it is a time to reflect on the wonderful gift of recovery we have been given through the 12 Step programme of Overeaters Anonymous (OA).  It is also an opportunity for you to help carry the OA message of recovery in Region Ten.

All OA members in Australia, New Zealand, Far East, South East Asia and the Pacific are encouraged to participate by making a suggested contribution of $1 per year in OA.

What happens to the money?

It provides products and services that were agreed upon at Assembly, for example:

  • Funding Intergroups to send representatives to Assembly and Convention.
  • Funding Intergroups to send delegates to World Service Business Conference (WSBC).
  • Providing funding and literature to attend professional exhibits and health booths.
  • Translating OA  literature into other languages.
  • Maintaining an online presence via our website and helping Intergroups to do the same.
  • Producing NewsSheet, a vehicle for Trustee, Chair, Committee and Intergroup reports.
  • Providing support and resources to the loner community.

Doesn’t our 7th tradition cover that?

Yes but not entirely, there is a lot of work to do to carry the message of recovery within our Region and supporting members in countries not currently represented at Assembly.

How can I donate?

During the month of August make an extra donation individually or take an extra collection at your home group.

Direct Deposit into the Region Ten bank account using the reference Gratitude (or 8888 if it has to be numeric)

Australia New Zealand
Westpac BSB 032-724 Account  12-9121 Westpac 03-0518-0166718-00

Yours in service,

Region Ten Finance and Fundraising Committee

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